• Have you ever wanted to work with swarms of robots?
  • Do you like deploying robots in real-world environments (not just in the lab)?
  • Do you want to help the robots of the future cooperate?
  • Are you a natural at figuring out how to put things together and make them work?
  • Do you solve problems with a keyboard in one hand and a soldering iron in the other?
  • Do you want a career where you are always learning new things?

At Apium we are all about Swarm Robotics. We are actively developing enabling technologies for multi-vehicle management, and then packaging our solutions so they can be adapted to a variety of robotic platforms. We started in the ocean and are expanding to aerial swarming. We live at the beginning of the Age of Autonomy, and the need and opportunities for inter-vehicle cooperation are increasing. We need your help to create the solutions for the future.


Right now (August 2018) we need a full-time Embedded Systems Engineer to work on vehicle-level software and hardware. Job responsibilities will include:

  • ·      Writing drivers for radio peripherals
  • ·      Bringing up new embedded hardware peripherals
  • ·      Helping to develop, code and test localization algorithms
  • ·      Surf-zone testing of individual and swarming aquatic robots
  • ·      Developing interfaces between Apium peripherals and commercial vehicle autopilots
  • ·      Writing firmware for platforms from microcontrollers to embedded linux machines

Required Skills

  • ·      Embedded C++
  • ·      Microcontrollers, UART, SPI, I2C
  • ·      Field experience with Drones/Robots

Desired Skills

  • ·      Experience with autopilots (e.g. Pixhawk)
  • ·      FreeRTOS/OpenRTOS
  • ·      Radios/RF
  • ·      Circuit design

Contact Tyler MacCready (CEO):